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Yes. I finally post, and it's a meme. Ha.

If you have a character in mind that fits and don't know the seiyuu's name, look them up, dagnabbit!

The amount of people who reply to this is directly proportional to the amount that I will update in the future. XD

EDIT: Fixed it. Shut up it was 3AM. XD;;




YAYYYY. I'm done with everything. My entries are never actually journal-esque. I guess this is why I got twitter. But I feel bad never updating this. Fuu.~

Keroro RPG...

I know a couple of you prolly already saw this but,   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRNE3SNb2mo&feature=player_embedded



I am more excited than I really should be considering how out of this fandom I have been. but FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.



HEY HEY HEY AMBER. You're TAKING CLASSES, right? I haven't seen you at ALL. Do you just run home immediately after class or something? That's no fun. We have to hang out more. Or you'll get bored so easilyyy.

What are your classes like?
And happy birthday!


first paycheck, for two weeks, was $357! yay. :3


Aug. 24th, 2009

I'm off to work in a few minutes~. First day! Good stuff. This could have just as easily been twote, I suppose. But meh. Meh. There, see? now it's over the limit, and I hate posting more than one. 8V;

Perhaps I'll post about it when I return, but it's just training in the back room, so it won't be particularly exciting. XD


Oh finally.

I got hired at Sears. I didn't want to work at the Mall particularly, but oh well. XDD




EDIT: Order now and he also comes with loud noodle slurping and coughing (also loud mouse clicking. Everyoone is doing computer stuff, but he somehow manages to attack the mouse key). Same guy, no joke. I seriously believe he was genetically engineered to make every obnoxious noise possible. XD;;


Aaaargh. Today was somehow the best day for almost all of it, and then turned into one of the worse ones. XDD

I'll just tell it like the story it is! Starting from last night, I suppose. From Shinjuku, I was talking to Asami (for those of you who don't know, that's Kosuke's sister. Kosuke, that's your sister. In case you didn't know. That would be weird.) on MSN, and on a previous day she said that the day she was free was the 12th (today :B), so we arranged to meet in Akihabara at 10AM. After sleeping in, not being able to take a shower (which was okay I guess because yesterday's was later than usual?), and carrying my huge bag way too much, I got to Akihabara at about...8:15. Ugh. Days are way too long. I want to play Harvest Moon 64 to make up for it. I ate at McDonald's solely so I could just sit in there (and also because I needed breakfast I guess) and I played DS for a while, and fell asleep. XD

I woke up at an approriate time (9:20 or so) and left to walk around a bit. 9:50 rolled around after I did practically nothing for a while, and then I went to the agreed upon station entrance. Keep in mind, I have seen one photograph, that Kosuke has, that's a small group photo from multiple years ago. Needless to say I did not recognize her.

No, at all.

Like-- even though I was waiting for her, when she approached me and talked to me, it didn't register that it was her for about 5 seconds when she knew my name. XDD;;

Anywho, at first it was really awkward. We've talked before, but only on MSN, and obviously it was a lot harder for me here. But after a while, that just faded into the usual inability for me to speak fluent Japanese. Somehow, I understand things she says less than other people. Perhaps she uses odd grammar? Whatever, it's good practice. We walked aimlessly for a while, then went to a game center, where I played Pop'n. I felt better after that. We both started to warm up a little, and actually could talk (except that there were lots of people, so I couldn't hear the already difficult things being said). She seems like a completely different person in person. In a good way, though! Online, I always got the feeling that she was kind of cold (she says it's probably because it's japanese, but I don't feel like that talking to other people, I don't know. XD), but it was completely different. She was really nice and lots of fun!!

I became hungry again, and actually FORGOT that I had eaten, somehow (*New!* McAmnesiaBurger. You'll buy it 6 times in a row), so we went to a ramen place. It was pretty good, and I chose the cheapest place I could find that looked good. We didn't talk much during this time, but I guess that's kinda normal because we were eating. XD Afterwards though, she wouldn't let me pay, and said her mother said to take care of me, and presumably gave her money to do so?, and that was very nice. I keep wanting to say that your Mother is a lot nicer than mine, Kosuke, but I remember that mine does the same thing for friends and guests. I'm just not used to being on this side of it. XD anyways, we walked aimlessly for a while again, went to Animate for a while, and then went to a little store where I bought an amazing Akihabara souvenier. A Maid-Cosplaying-Keroro cell phone strap. Oh god. The packaging says 「秋葉原で萌え~であります」.way too good. After that, and more walking around...

I got tired of walking around. Surprised? If you are, it's weird. I'm tired of even TYPING "walked around" at this point. XD Because of this, I suggested we go somewhere where we could just sit and talk. A little coffee shop was the closest thing, sooo we went there. I got an iced latte, and she got an iced MAPLE latte. Fancy. Maple latte, huh? I had never heard of it. There was unarguably the best part of the day, since we just sat and talked for well over an hour. It became 1:15, and she had to meet her friends from school (they were meeting in Akihabara, which is why we met there also), so we walked back to the station and I waited with her there. there were supposedly 3, all from a music club, all male.  SO, the first one showed up. His name was Gouya. He seemed nice! Not the kind of person people would usually peg as "cool", but he certainly wasn't bad looking. We waited there some more, and the second showed up. I didn't hear his real name, but everyone called him Shachou. I thought that was pretty funny. He WAS pretty stereotypically cool, actually. XD we waited for the third person, then Shachou got a call from him, and it turns out he weasn't coming. So, with that I said my farewells. I didn't know what their plans were, but I knew they were school friends, and I knew there were indeed plans. i was almost out of the station when I heard my name, though, and it was Asami coming to tell me that Shachou suggested I go with them! Obviously I had no plans, so I went. XD

Turns out they had very nice plans: 3 hour karaoke. XD

That was interesting. Asami is way too good at singing, Shachou sings like 89 octaves above his normal voice (he sang Koi no Mikuru Densetsu and it sounded like the actual version. What?), and Gouya sng only English songs, in like-- metal voice. And when we did group songs or he did Japanese songs, he used the same voice. It was kinda weird being a lone foreigner there, but because of those two and their ridiculousness, I was alright. Also I sang a Hikawa Kiyoshi song. XD

After that, we went to a cosplay store, because they were looking at stuff, I dunno.

Okay here it goes.

So anyways. It was time for them to go. That's fine, I mean, it was past six. It'd been about 8 hours. So WHY, one might ask (and I have) did I start crying before even leaving the station? I honestly have no idea. I felt fine at the time, I really did. It was a good, fulfilling day. Without doubt the most fun I'd had since I got here. And at the same time, Kosuke, I understand everything you so often mention completely now. With a group like that, at times I was really glad to be among friends  and doing things, and at other times, I felt more alone than when I was by myself.;;

Argh. It wouldn't be so bad if I had the option to NOT go out and be doing something fior 12 hours out of the day. But that's not an option I really have. Being in one of the busiest cities in the world, alone, with nothing but time and an umbrella that won't fit in the coin locker unless you pay an extra 100 yen to get a bigger one, is horrid, no matter how fun it is or how many things there are to do.

Gaah, if ever I envied someone (mm, I have XD), I envy you right now, Val. Not only do you HAVE somewhere to stay, not only is it with a family you know someone from, but a family in which I absolutely adore nearly every member of (not all only because I have not met everyone). Just that, coupled with my general BLAH. Even if I were with people I didn't know every day, it'd be significantly better.

fffffffffffff, I severely dislike the me that exists right now, and I would like to change it. 8U Seriously, I don't know why it's affecting me as much as it is. This should be a fun time for me. It's my vacation, but I go from crying to laughing to talking to myself in under 30 seconds.

...Okay well, that was once, in the elevator, but I thought it was a pretty good example. XD; I want to say something like "is this normal?", but that'd be a silly question.

Cheer up, emo kid, you're in JAPAN. /note to self. XD;;

Icon way too relevant. XD;